The Dean of FAPERTA IPB: All the Positions I Worked on Have Been Helping Great People

Dr. Ir. Agus Purwito, M.Sc.Agr,  is the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Bogor Agricultural University (FAPERTA IPB). He is a friendly and simple figure.

Dr. Agus started his career in IPB in 1987 by time he was officially accepted as faculty member of IPB (a lecturer). Actually, his first goal was to become a researcher and work in the laboratory, but the surrounding environment encouraged him to become a leader. Starting from becoming the Head of Section, then Rector Executive Secretary, and Head of Quality Management Office. He even served twice as Chairman of the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture of FAPERTA IPB, and hereafter he was elected as the Dean of FAPERTA IPB.

"All the positions I worked on have been helping great people," he said. While he was serving as Chairman of AGH Department, Dr. Agus was selected as the Chairman of Study the year of Indonesia in 2013.

His educational background, he started his undergraduate education at the Agronomy Department of IPB and continued his master's education at Gottingen University, Germany, on Tissue Culture. Then he pursued his doctoral studies program on Biotechnology, especially Tissue Culture in IPB, during which he was given opportunity to carry out his research program at Wageningen University, the Netherlands. From the beginning his scientific career had been on plant biotechnology of ornamental plants, horticulture, fruits, and plantations.

According to him, FAPERTA IPB is the main focus of agriculture. "The farm that the layman sees is FAPERTA IPB, the agricultural institution that deals with plants. Then what are FAPERTA’ functions? Is how to increase rice, and other agricultural production; to control pests, diseases and weeds; apply pest and disease forecasting techniques where available; understand and use non-chemical pest and disease management practices; to understand what is healthy soil and how do we achieve? Nowadays is the era,  how to design a great yard with landscape plants, or how to arrange the plots?, " said the Dean whose hobby is morning walk and cleaning his house. 

FAPERTA IPB becomes the place for education, research, and also the reference and consultation place in making drafting programs and policies for  Ministry of Agriculture. FAPERTA IPB also initiated the idea of Indonesia as the world's largest exporter of fruits in the world in 2045. For that, FAPERTA IPB intensively conducted a fruit-eating campaign, one of them through the Festival of Flowers and Fruits Nusantara (FBBN) which has been implemented in the last three consecutive years. The government then has adopted it to become Fruit Indonesia 2016.   

In executing the FAPERTA IPB, Dr. Agus has a vision of "Starting from a small, do not delay, and, togetherness, tolerance, respect and love,". Under his leadership, FAPERTA IPB had been certified to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) management and ISO laboratories. (Wied)

Published Date : 13-Aug-2017

Subject : Dr. Ir. Agus Purwito, M.Sc.Agr

Keyword : The Dean of FAPERTA IPB: All the Positions I Worked on Have Been Helping Great People