IPB Will Open Extension Profession Program Soon

In order to meet the needs for professional extension services in development  programs, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) established the Extension Program, it is the  education program under the Faculty of Human Ecology (FEMA). This program was formed based on the Decree of Rector of IPB Number. 306 / IT3 / PP / 2015 for the Opening of the Professional Education Programs for extension workers, of School of Graduate Studies of IPB. The Professional Education Programs aims to produce professional and tough extension workers, as the presence of professional extension agents is increasingly necessary and highly strategic in the extension process that empowers key actors and entrepreneurs.

The Extension Professional Program is a one-year program  with a total of 24 Semester Credit System (SKS) courses. The methods of learning will utilize  Centered Learning System approach and will be based on the Indonesian National Qualification Framework (KKNI) 2013 with learning strategy in the form of group discussion, case study, contextual learning, program based learning, project based learning, and internship or field work program.

The appropriate facilities available to the Professional Education Programs for extension workers, that include:  LCD projector, air conditioned class rooms, comfortable table and chairs and supporting needs. Field apprenticeship / practice have been organized with government agencies and private sector in accordance with the field of expertise of each student. A large, nationally and internationally recognized faculty with a broad range of expertise; an excellent selection of courses related with extension services to make School of Graduate Studies of IPB among the leading universities in Indonesia.

In addition, the program is supported by the establishment of cooperative work program between IPB with other related partners,  both government and private companies, non-government organizations and communities. To be admitted, applicants must meet all the requirements set the Professional Education Programs for extension workers of School of Graduate Studies of IPB. Minimum qualification for applicants, they must have  S1 / D4 graduates of agriculture study program, or other sciences accredited by BAN PT. Admission fee, tuition fee, matriculation fee, and operational cost is charged and must be paid, before the beginning of the course.

Dr. Ninuk explained, the obstacle for the development of extension workers in Indonesia is the lack of government attention to the importance of counselling for nation building. According to him, the condition of extension service in Indonesia has not been perceived  its importance by the government, especially after the establishment of  Law No. 23 of 2014 on Regional Government.

"In fact, to produce professional Extension Workers various fields of development, not only Extension Profession Program, but also the need for support from the government will b needed. To draft laws or regulations the government must prioritize the nation's development so that the extension activities develop very dynamically," he said. (Wied)

Published Date : 13-Aug-2017

Subject : Dr. Ninuk Purnaningsih

Keyword : IPB Will Open Extension Profession Program Soon