“Cajuputs candy”, Created by IPB Scientist will Bring Freshness to Our Mind

Many newly formulated functional foods have been developed, but few have been commercially successful. “Cajuputs candy” is one of functional confectionery successfully launched as a commercial product. When we talk about the “Cajuputs candy” created by IPB researchers it will bring freshness to our mind. Melaleuca cajuputi, commonly known as cajuput or white samet is a plant in the myrtle family, Myrtaceae and is widespread in Australia, Southeast Asia, New Guinea and the Torres Strait islands. It is a medium to tall tree with papery bark, silvery new growth and white or greenish flower spikes. It has important uses as a source of cajuput oil. Eucalyptus oil is extracted from the fresh or partially dried leaves and young twigs. This project was driven by the idea of producing a local signature handy functional product with global acceptability through scientific approach based on local knowledge of Melaleuca, cajuputi‘s essential oil remedy. The project had been carried out by one of the Professor Chair Holders of the  Department of Food Science and Technology of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology of Bogor Agricultural University (FATETA IPB), Prof. Dr. C. Hanny Wijaya.

Prof. Hanny has been granted a patent on the composition of “Cajuputs candy” as a throat lozenge. Studies on the capability of this candy to avoid mouth ulcers were conducted by measuring the inhibition toward the viability of candida albicans in vitro. In response to a request for a diabetic friendly product with powerful anti-carries capacity; a nonsucrose candy was developed. Several non-sucrose variants with fruit flavor enrichment have been created and are being tested on the market “Cajuputs candy” is a functional configuration product with the main components of sucrose and flavor components, namely extract of eucalyptus and natural peppermint extract.

“Cajuputs candy” has two variants of flavors: Hard candy (original) and Soft candy (original citaras and creamy fruity) that are currently being developed. Several non-sucrose variants with fruit flavor enrichment have been created and are being tested on the market. Research on soft candy development is still on-going.

Based on the results of research conducted with the Faculty of Dentistry University of Indonesia, “Cajuputs candy” able to inhibit the formation of bacteria biofilm Streptococcus mutans, and Streptococcus sobrinus commonly cause caries in teeth, and able to inhibit viability and formation of biofilm Candida albicans. This candy also has the potential to keep homeostasis microflora in the mouth and serves as an oral health care that can prevent caries in teeth and infection of the wound in the oral cavity.

“Cajuputs candy” has been produced characterized by local, cheap, practical, easy and healthy ingredients. The “Cajuputs candy” is made from volatile oil from eucalyptus plants as its raw material. The oil is  obtained from the island of Buru and Maluku Islands, "said Prof. Hanny.

“Cajuputs candy” is available in the market, it can be purchased at Bread Unit IPB Dramaga, Botanical Terrace, Agrimart IPB, and various shops in the area of IPB at a price of Rp 500 / small pack, or depending on the taste variant and the size of the package.

Prof. Hanny explained the obstacle she encounters at the moment is the supply of eucalyptus oil.  Each region produces an oil of different chemical composition and different quality, so the standardized extract of eucalyptus production oil must be carried out. She and her students plan to do mapping on the quality of eucalyptus oil produced by each region, which finally obtained the best eucalyptus oil producing areas.

The next challenge, Prof. Hanny expected that she and her team are keep working toward production a large quantities or mass industrial scale of  “Cajuputs candy”. She hopes  “Cajuputs candy” products will be marketable globally, and become a unique functional food in Indonesia. (Wied)

Published Date : 13-Aug-2017

Subject : Prof. Dr. C. Hanny Wijaya

Keyword : “Cajuputs candy”, Created by IPB Scientist will Bring Freshness to Our Mind