A Group of IPB Students Produced Chicken Eggshells Multifunctional Cleaner “Chef-Ku”, Five to One Cleaning Agent

Everyone has problems in life. For the most part, we are able to quickly solve them without much trouble. We either come up with a quick solution or use a strategy that worked in the past. Generally, people use at least one product to address one problem in everyday life. Have you ever used soap to clean your face? If you try to wash your hands with a washing detergent, you will find that your hands end up feeling very dry, which is the result of the detergent. A family size dishwashing soap for Rp 12 thousand/bottle, and medium size laundry soap for Rp 5 thousand/pack. Sometimes fertilizers are needed to achieve a desired plant growth garden needs such as fertilizers,  and pesticides as well to protect our garden around the house, they are different size and prices. This cannot be avoided because the commercialization of today's products is highly specialized.

It means, manufacturers to produce products to solve just that type of problem only. Not without cause, the materials used are not guaranteed security when used for purposes beyond the capabilities of the product. Consumers cannot do anything and end up spending a budget for each of their needs.

There is a solution now. A group of students of IPB consists of Axel Nathaniel Joko Suharto, Safrayuda Andrean, Haifa Fatinah Mutiksa, and Dian Anggreni Manurung, created “Chef-Ku” with the concept of 5 in 1, that is overcoming the five problems with one product. Through innovation “Chef-Ku” as a multifunctional innovation, daily problems in the house can be solved using a single product. The product is beneficial for us, as it useable eradicate home pests such as: rats, cockroaches, and ants, overcome clogged toilet, cleaning kitchen utensils, whiten clothing, and as organic fertilizer.

“Chef-Ku” stands for chicken eggshell for kitchen utility. With reference to the product name, eggshell waste has been used as raw material for producing “Chef-Ku”. Chicken eggshells containing high Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) are capable to remove stains on white clothing and kitchen utensils naturally with their abrasive but safe nature. Not only that, calcium is also able to expel and kill annoying animals such as rats, cockroaches, ants, and lice. This is why my “Chef-Ku” becomes an eco-friendly multifunction product with five benefits at once, so practical and economical.

Currently my “Chef-Ku” product is available in two different size, small size for one hundred grams and large size for five hundred grams packages. Each product sold with a fairly affordable price of Rp 5 thousand/small package, and Rp 20 thousand/large package.  As the initial goal of business is to provide beneficial product for public,  Axel and the team invited for join cooperation of small traders around the Campus IPB in supplying raw eggshell. The production process has been carried out Bogor, precisely in Babakan Raya, District Dramaga. It is expected that the business they are  undertaking now will grow bigger and will be marketable in wider areas, to attract more people to join for partnership program. Finally, in the future they will be able to promote their products nationally. (Wied)

Published Date : 03-Jul-2017

Resource Person : Axel Nathaniel Joko Suharto, Safrayuda Andrean, Haifa Fatinah Mutiksa, Dian Anggreni Manurung

Keyword : A Group of IPB Students Produced Chicken Eggshells Multifunctional Cleaner “Chef-Ku”, Five to One Cleaning Agent