Yeee... A Group of Students Created Shoes Fragrance Made of Orange Peels

Did you have unique or bad experiences while you stay in your boarding house? It was the unpleasant smell produce by feet of fellow boarding mates, as the stink more likely to be viewed as lacking competence, confidence.  Inspired by such bad experience, a group of students of the Faculty of Economics of Bogor Agricultural University (FEM IPB) created innovative fragrances shoes made of natural ingredients namely oranges. The group of students were Muhamad Farhan, Khusni Musyafa and Rosmelia Siskanti. The group had joined the Kelompok Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa (PKM Student Creativity Program).

This fragrance shoes is made of a combination of silica gel and dried orange peel. Silica gel serves to absorb excess moisture. While the dry orange peel added with some drops of  citrus-scented essential oil gives fragrance and durable frehness of feet in the shoes. This fragrance shoes is available in the market costs Rp 5.000,-/pack,  is packaged in a small bag of paper containing silica gel and dry orange peel.

"We utilize the waste of orange juice at food stalls, as we understand during orange juice production only around a half of every orange is turned into juice,  the rest is wasted.  Moreover, almost every food stalls offer orange juice in their menu, "said Farhan, Chairman of the PKM group.

This fragrances shoes business has established partnership program with several food and juice stalls in Bogor, so it can reduce the amount of garbage you created piled up in the Final Disposal (TPA). Supported with a fairly economical price, so it is affordable to all levels of the community. In addition the production of fragrances shoes will also help to  increase someone’ confidence, particularly those who have unpleasant smell of their feet. Indonesia is a tropical country, with high humidity and hot weather, so many people are experiencing a crisis of confidence due to unpleasant smells of their body.

Ruslan hopes this innovation the group made will reduce the  environmental problems by reducing accumulated wastes. He also expected to develop their products further into industrial scale and marketable nationally.  (Wied)

Published Date : 19-Jun-2017

Subject : Muhamad Farhan, Khusni Musyafa, Rosmelia Siskanti

Keyword : Yeee... A Group of Students Created Shoes Fragrance Made of Orange Peels