“WaIt”! Bogor web-based Application for Waste-disposal System

A Group of students of Bogor Agricultural University made a Waste Management Innovation by creating the  “WaIt” (Waste It), Bogor web-based Application for Waste-disposal System. “WaIt”  application was initiated by three students of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, the Faculty of Human Ecology. They created an integrated information system between waste management and the owner of the waste in particular, as a tool that facilitates Waste-disposal System, especially paper and plastic waste.

As one of the  developing countries, Indonesia is facing a huge solid-waste disposal problem. Trash is a big problem at the moment for governments all over the world, including Indonesia, as it can lead to major environmental problems.  Bogor, is a city in the West Java province, Indonesia. It is the 6th largest city of Jabodetabek (Jakarta metropolitan region) and the 14th nationwide. According to  City Sanitation Strategy (SKK), the population of Bogor in 2015-2020 is about 1,023,029 people. The population growth and increasing per capita income of Bogor have resulted in the generation of an enormous volume of solid waste. Waste as consequences of human activity today, urge Bogor Municipality has to provide the land for final disposal site, but it need high cost. However, as waste disposal methods are still very crude, therefore the landfill capacity cannot  accommodate the projected future volume of Bogor waste.

"Our innovation is web-based applications that relates between waste management and the owner of the waste, especially plastic and paper waste. In the future, the system will be merged into the  integrated technology for waste processing. This web application has the potential to be developed according to the needs of today's society, "said Ari Ramadhan, one of the originators of the idea.

Ari added, if the system will be carried out  properly and correctly it will create a well-integrated waste management between garbage owners and garbage collectors so that the 3R program (Reuse, Recycle and Reduce) can be applied thoroughly. In addition, this innovation will provide waste owners facilities to collect garbage so that it can be processed properly by the manager. And to encourage public to maintain the environment to solve the problems and minimize the environmental affect.

"The working process of “WaIt” application is very easy,  by connecting between waste management and the owner of the waste, especially plastic and paper waste. The owner of the waste only needs to input his garbage information. Then the information will be forwarded to the admintrator, then he/she will validate it. A search of information is inputted. Then will be analyzed, pick up the garbage and payment of collectors to the admin. Finally, the  payment to the owner of the waste, "he explained.

Howover, this Application is still under development. In addition, they are facing constraints in marketing problem, and its market segmentation as well for the marketing of this “WaIt” application. "Behind it all,  in the future we have plans to implement and promote the Application better," said Ari. (Wied)

Published Date : 19-Jun-2017

Subject : Ari Ramadhan

Keyword : “WaIt”! Bogor web-based Application for Waste-disposal System