Protect Children from Negative Impact of Gadgets, IPB Students Create Awasgan Applications

It is impossible to deny, that we are now well and truly in the digital age. Whether we are on the go, in our office or at home, new technology gadgets can introduce great time-saving advantages into our day, as well as make life easier, thus gadgets have invaded each and every part of our life and have proved themselves to be useful. Using electronics gadgets, today, is so much a part of our daily life. They are online simplified applications that make work easy, and play a substantial duty in the typical guy’s life and we have grown so used to it that it becomes really tough for us to think of daily life chores in the absence of devices. Initially gadgets were created to help human life in the aspects of getting information, knowledge, entertainment and means of communication. However, the negative effects of gadgets began to be felt by some people with more and more gadgets circulating among teenagers and even children. Problems arising from social problems, culture, health and child development. The negative effect of using gadgets on a child's development is behavior change because they spend their time on electronic devices, may restrain some outdoor activities. They are more sensitive to imitate what they see and hear.

According to Arist Merdeka Sirait, Chairman of the Commission for Child Protection, from year to year the percentage of children involved in criminal acts continues to increase. Data show on 2013 as much as 16 percent of cases were sexual crimes, in 2014 they increased into 26 percent. It is estimated that by 2017 The total volume of child delinquency  will continue to increase.

While there are many fine, educational websites and television programs, allowing a child too much time with electronics may cause problems in the long run. Computers, gadgets and smartphones can make life more convenient, but physical health, language acquisition and social skills may suffer if time using electronics isn’t tempered with time in the real world. Experts recommend parents be very involved in their child’s experience with electronic devices such as gadget, especially at a young age. Parents need to be models for their children. While we’re all embracing these great aspects of these digital devices, parents have to strike a balance, turn them off and spend real time with their children.   The real world is a very important place for children to develop cognitive, social and language skills.


Sulthonul Mubarok and his group, namely: M. Faisal Akbar; Imawan Bangkit Setiaji; Kukuh Satrio Wibowo;  and Yudha Hendrawan of the  Computer Engineering Study Program of IPB, tried to help solving the gadget problem by creating an application to supervise of the use of gadget for children "Awasgan".

"This application will greatly help parents in supervising and fostering children in using gadgets. "Awasgan" will  monitor the gadget with auto capture. That will automatically do the screenshots and record of the gadget screen when applications software, documents, are accessed, or whenever SMS or  phone calls are received, "he said.

The monitoring data will be stored in the temporary internal memory and will be automatically uploaded to the cloud drive (cloud storage media) when it is online or connected to the internet. The result "Awasgan"  will provide parents with a clear report about the activities carried out by his child on his gadget, he added.

The advantages of this application is not displaying notifications and views when capture, upload and do not show the application icon on the gadget screen. The application is installed in a gadget setting so the child does not feel closely watched by his or her parents.

At present the application is still in the development stage, it needs to be developed for better advancement. In addition, the  application needs to be tested before it is to be marketed for public at large. Sulthonul and his friends hope “Awasgan” will become business model with Mobile App Startup for software services,  App Management Service Application, and preemium business model. (Wied)

Published Date : 19-Jun-2017

Subject : M. Faisal Akbar, Imawan Bangkit Setiaji, Kukuh Satrio Wibowo, Yudha Hendrawan

Keyword : Protect Children from Negative Impact of Gadgets, IPB Students Create Awasgan Applications