Taawun Scholarship for Children of Honorary Employees in IPB

Institute of Amil Zakat (LAZ) of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) held the hospitality and the coaching of the beneficiaries of Taawun Scholarship of LAZ of IPB, Sunday (14/5), in Al-Hurriyyah Mosque, Campus of IPB Dramaga, Bogor. The Chief Executive, Abdul Basir, said the participants consisted of the parents and the sons and the daughters of the contract or honorary employees in IPB.

 He said, the coaching event of the program of Taawun Scholarship was held twice in one period of the scholarship. During this time, the scholarship recipients had reached 141 people from various levels of school, namely SMP of 66 people, SMA of 66 people, and university of 7 people. The total Taawun Scholarship which had been channeled was approximately Rp. 30 million per month.

 “Hopefully through this program, it can ease the burden of the education costs of the children of IPB employees in need. Other than that, through the mental spiritual coaching, it is expected to be able to shape the character and the personality of the beneficiaries,” he said.

 The coaching event was divided into three clusters, namely parents, SMP/SMA students, and university students. To the parents, the presenter conveyed how to educate the children according to Islamic teachings. For the students of SMP, it was delivered the importance of having the dream for success in the future that was accompanied by the effort and the prayer to Allah SWT. While, for the students of SMA and the university students, it was focused on the mapping of the potential and the self-weakness, so as to help determine the steps to choose a course at the time of the lecture or in the field of work.

 The presenter was the alumnus of IPB who was currently having the career in the field of the coaching and the strategic human resource training. One of the presenters, Fachriadi Tanjung, SE, M.Si, instructed to the participants, in order that they focused on developing the potential of their own advantages and not spending the time to cover up the shortcomings.(dh)

Published Date : 17-May-2017

Subject : Abdul Basir

Keyword : Taawun Scholarship for Children of Honorary Employees in IPB