Students of IPB Held the Program of “Jagoan Anak Nelayan Nusantara”

Grand Opening of the Program of Student Creativity of Community Service (PKMM), Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) was held in Indramayu, West Java (15/4). The opening event was attended by approximately 200 students of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MI) Al-Ikhlas Eretan Wetan, 16 Teachers, the Chairman of Yayasan Al-Ikhlas and the staff, the Headmaster, the activist figure of Pemuda Pecinta Alam Eretan Indramayu, and the Lecturer in Companion Program, Dr. Eko Sri Wiyono. This event was attended by the alumnus of the Department of Utilization of Fisheries Resources (PSP), the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK) of IPB domiciled in Indramayu District.

The PKMM of IPB was the creative breakthrough students of PSP of FPIK of IPB which was based on the anxiety in the community who considered the work of the fishermen with one eye. “Based on the results of our interviews on the field, almost 95 percents of the parents who work as the fishermen do not expect their children to go back to fishing. On the other hand, President Joko Widodo states unequivocally when initially serves as the President of RI that Indonesia is the Maritime Country. So whether Indonesia can be called as the Maritime Country, if all Indonesian fishermen are switching jobs, and no successors?” said Irfan Syauqi, one of the organizers.

Of all the anxiety above, there arose the initiative that the education could be a powerful solution to align the great ideas of the leaders of the country to communicate with the future generation.  “Jagoan Anak Nelayan Nusantara” was the latest program exploring the Maritime Education Based on Environment. This program was delivered through the method of the nautical educational game and the game system that emphasized the students to improve the cognitive and psichomotoric aspects, so that the educational game could be played by attracting, educating, and being dynamic.

Dr. Eko Sri Wiyono on this occasion conveyed the important points from the urgency of the program of IPB. “Our Pilot Project starts in MI Al-Ikhlas, Eretan Wetan, Indramayu. The hope to the future could be made to the local content, and it is adopted by the wider audience. Starting from SD in Eretan, Indramayu, to the national,” he explained.

The Grand Opening Program was welcomed by the Head of MI Al-Ikhlas, H. Masnun. He said, “the children of the fishermen are not supposed to look at the work of the fishermen as a less promising job, so that there should not be an aspiration. Through this program, it is expected to be able to increase the interest of the children of the fishermen, so that it will become a modern fisherman and the advanced such as the other maritime countries,” he asserted.***



Published Date : 17-Apr-2017

Subject : Dr. Eko Sri Wiyono, H. Masnun

Keyword : Students of IPB Held the Program of “Jagoan Anak Nelayan Nusantara”