Commemorating Kartini Day, Agrianita-IPB Offers Health Examination

As part of commemorating Kartini Day on April 21, Agrianita of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) conducted a series of events, for example medical examination including pap-smear and mammography for lecturers, lecturers' wives, staff, wives and public (non-IPB). This activity was held at Landhuis Guest House, Dramaga Campus (20/4) and Baranangsiang Campus of IPB Bogor (27/4).

Chairman of the organizing committee, Rusmini Arif Imam Suroso said, this medical examination is held every year in cooperation of Agrianita IPB with Yayasan Kanker Indonesia, which has lasted for nine years. This year, she said, the health check plus adds an early detection of breast cancer or mammography. "This mammography is the first time held in IPB. Because this is a mobile inspection, so the capacity of registered examination is limited, only for 50 people," said Rusmini.

Rusmini said the event aims to facilitate the prevention of various diseases, especially cervical cancer and breast cancer for women. It is expected after taking this examination, women are increasingly aware of the importance of health and if signs of health problems are detected, they can be addressed immediately. This health examination is a form of IPB's support offered to IPB communities to increase the awareness of their own health and family.

Other health checks include checking blood sugar, uric acid, and cholesterol (Mtd)


Published Date : 21-Apr-2017

Subject : Rusmini Arif Imam Suroso

Keyword : Commemorating Kartini Day, Agrianita-IPB Offers Health Examination