Panitia Pemilihan Rektor Organized the Socialization Program on Rector Election Program for 2017-2022

Panitia Pemilihan Rektor (PPR Election Committee of Rector) of IPB  for the term of service between 2017-2022 will socialize its procedures and qualifications for Rector candidacies  period 2017-2022 to the Working Units on IPB on 19 April 2017. "Socialization program of Election of Rector will be carried out in the university and faculty level. Rector election is the periodic program based on  the term of office of rector set by the MWA (five-year period), and has been carried out periodically by IPB, "said Vice Chairman of PPR of IPB, Dr. Ibnul Qayim.

PPR of IPB for the term of service between 2017-2022 has been established in accordance with Regulation No. MWA 26 / MWA-IPB / 2017. Nineteen (19) Election Committee of Rector were elected and is headed by Prof. Dr. Erika B Laconi, and Dr. Ibn Qayim as Vice Chairman.

Legal Basis Selection of Rector is Government Regulation No. 66 Year 2013 on the Statute of the IPB; IPB MWA Regulation No. 21 / MWA-IPB / 2016 on Procedures for the Election, Appointment, Termination and Interim Replacement Rector; and MWA Regulation No. 26 / MWA-IPB / 2017 are stipulated in the  Operational Guidelines for Selection of Rector period 2017-2022.

The procedures for the  Selection of Rector period 2017-2022 shall be:

The First Round:

Aspirations gathering for the candidacies for Candidate of Rectors (BCR) for period 2017-2011 by Election Committee of Rector (PPR).

The Second Round:

The administrative selection for Rector Candidates, it will be carried out by the Rector Election Committee.

The Third Round:

The selection an evaluation of Rector Candidates by Academic Senate.

The Fourth Round:

Selection and election by Academic Senate by  the Board of Trustees of IPB (MWA).

The Fifth Round:

Inauguration of the newly elected Rector for 2017-2022.

Before entering evaluation stage by Academic Senate, IPB Rector Selection and Election Committee will conduct Academic Community Aspiration Forum which consisted of aspiration forum for Professors, non-Professor lecturers, non-teaching staff, and students of Faculties, School of Business, and Directorate of the Diploma Program. At least three (3) names to be gathered by the Aspiration Forum of the Departments or Working Units. They will be proposed to Deans to be submitted to the PPR as IPB Rector Candidates.

Aspirations by Education Personnel of Administration Units under the Rectorate Offices  will be carried out by special mechanism to be determined by the Secretary of the Institute. While aspirations by Alumni Association (HA) IPB done will be carried by other mechanism procedure to be determined by the Chairman of the Alumni Association of  IPB.

Regulations for Rector Election of IPB is based on the Indonesian Government Regulation No. 66/2013 on the Statute of Bogor Agricultural University (PP No. 66/2013), which require that rector candidates are required no older than 60 years old at the time appointed; and to be faith and fear of God; holding a doctorate degree; being an active civil servant, and having structural positions in universities or an equal position at least for three years. Candidates should be chairman of the department in university.  Physically and mentally healthy, and they should have deep commitment to do the right thing for the right reason and integrity, academic leadership, and managerial capabilities of universities. Moreover, they should have an entrepreneurial spirit; and finally they should have never been convicted of crimes have a right to appeal to the Circuit Court. (Wied)


Published Date : 19-Apr-2017

Subject : Dr. Ibnul Qayim, Prof. Dr. Erika B Laconi

Keyword : Panitia Pemilihan Rektor Organized the Socialization Program on Rector Election Program for 2017-2022