FEMA-IPB and University of Passau, Germany, Develop Studies of Organic Farming

Department of Communication Science and Community Development (SKPM) of Faculty of Human Ecology (FEMA) of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) in cooperation with University of Passau, Germany held an exploratory meeting in the discussion room, AMG Connect, FEMA- IPB, Monday (17/4). This meeting, opened by the Dean of FEMA, Dr. Arif Satria , aims to discuss the study plan in the field of organic agriculture looked at from the socio-ecological aspects, as well as follow-up cooperation of both parties in the field of educational development.

The research team of IndOrganic Project from University of Passau consists of Prof. Dr. Martina Padmanabhan (Chair of Comparative Development and Cultural Studies), Natalie Luck (Doctoral Program student in Chair of Development Economics), and Dimas Laksmana (Doctoral Program students in the Chair of Comparative Development and Cultural Studies).

Dr. Arif Satria said that the research collaboration that will be carried out is very good for the research and science development in FEMA and is expected to provide benefits for the development of organic farming in Indonesia.

In this opportunity, the Director of Cooperation and International Program of IPB, Dr. Edy Hartulistiyoso delivered a presentation on IPB. He said that IPB has developed a number of researches and innovations. IPB has also developed cooperation with various international institutions in various schemes of activities, such as exchanges of students, faculty members, educational staff, and other academic information; summer course; research; publication; and others.

Meanwhile, Prof. Martina described the IndOrganic Project's research plan, which broadly aims to understand the sustainability of organic agriculture and its increased adoption. The study will be conducted in several regions in Indonesia. In her presentation, the topic of organic farming is is interesting to put forward in line with the agenda of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Organic farming is considered to be an alternative in providing sustainable food. However, the adoption of organic agriculture in Indonesia is faced with a number of complex issues ranging from social, economic, gender, cultural, and ecological aspects. Therefore, IndOrganic Project develops interdisciplinary research involving several scientists from diverse fields of science.

The study results will be disseminated widely through the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of Indonesia. In this exploratory meeting, two speakers were invited to enrich information about the development of organic farming in Indonesia, namely Prof. Dr. Dwi Andreas Santosa of Soil Science and Land Resources Department, Faculty of Agriculture, IPB and Hana Indriana M. Si, a lecturer of Department of SKPM also as Doctoral Program Student in the Sociology Study Program of University of Indonesia, who is also studying organic farming.

Prof. Andreas discussed the potential and challenges in developing organic farming. According to him, various issues related to the development of organic agriculture in Indonesia include low productivity, technical barriers, security and food sovereignty, and social inequality.

Meanwhile, Hana Indriana, M.Si discussed the study of organic agriculture from the institutional aspect. In the results of her studies in several areas, she found success stories of organic farming exports by local farmers supported by a good institutional system. However, there are also some failures in developing organic farming because of institutional problems. *** (Mtd)

Published Date : 19-Apr-2017

Subject : Dr. Arif Satria , Dr. Edy Hartulistiyoso, Prof. Dr Dwi Andreas Santosa, Hana Indriana M. Si, Prof. Dr. Martina Padmanabhan, Natalie Luck, Dimas Laksmana

Keyword : FEMA-IPB and University of Passau, Germany, Develop Studies of Organic Farming