Supported Green Campus, Sinar Mas was Sharing in IPB

 PT. Sinar Mas, Tbk held a public lecture in Bogor Agricultural University, Thursday (20/4). The activity was coupled with the ceremony of the delivery of the gas-fueled bus and the verification gate system in order to commemorate the Earth Day in IPB. The event which was held in the Auditorium of Andi Hakim Nasoetion, Campus of IPB Dramaga Bogor, themed “Green Business Practice Industri Strategis di Indonesia / Green Business Practice of Strategic Industry in Indonesia”.

“Sustainability has always been our focus. However, not all people know clearly how the business pillars of Sinar Mas do it. This is a valuable opportunity to share the understanding with the academics as well as the students,” said the Managing Director of Sinar Mas, G. Sulistiyanto.

Rector of IPB, Prof.Dr. Herry Suhardiyanto, said that the Green Business was one thing that was very important for the life of this nation. The environmental aspects that were part of handling the impacts of the climate change, the social aspect, and the aspect of advantage were  the three main pillars of the concept of the sustainability. But in this context, some of the profit earned by the industry should be set aside for the social and environmental activities.

“In the right concept, the Green Business is an integrated business activity which ultimately does not generate the carbon emissions. If this can be understood and derived through the concrete strategies, then with this clear purpose, both from the side of the process and the result will generate the big profit. The roles the students are very important as the young generations who actively study and develop the thinking and the achievement in all fields, so that the students can apply the principles of the good Green Business,” said the Rector.

On this occasion, the exposure of the presentation was delivered by the Managing Director of Sinar Mas,  G. Sulistyanto; the Executive Director of Asosiasi Pengusaha Hutan Indonesia / Association of Indonesian Forest Concessionaires (APHI), Purwadi Soeprihanto; the Managing Director for Sustainability and Strategic Stakeholder Engagement of Golden Agri Resources (GAR), Agus Purnomo; and the Director of PT. Smart Tbk, Harry Hanawi. The presentation and question and answer sessions were guided by the Head of Sub Directorate of Research and Publication Agenda, the Directorate of Research and Innovation of IPB, Dr. Nurul Khumaida.

The event was then coupled with the signing of the Minutes of Handover of five units of the gas-fueled buses, the handover of the wakaf of 100 al-Quran and 5,000 next books which would be handed over to a number of the mosques and the students around the campus of IPB.

Sulistiyanto said, this bus assistance through the scheme of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) was to strengthen the environmentally friendly transportation facilities for the civitas of IPB. “This support is expected to support the implementation of the Green Campus which is previously proclaimed by IPB, where one of the aspects is the green transportation,” said Sulistiyanto.

Sulistiyanto said that the aid worth of Rp 5 billion, also covered 7 units of the verification gate system namely the automatic gate device contained the data of the motor vehicles of all civitas of IPB, which had been registered and as the front guard in limiting the use of the private vehicle in the Campus of IPB Dramaga.(Awl)

Published Date : 21-Apr-2017

Subject : Prof. Dr. Herry Suhardiyanto, G. Sulistiyanto, Purwadi Soeprihanto, Agus Purnomo, Harry Hanawi, Dr. Nurul Khumaida

Keyword : Supported Green Campus, Sinar Mas was Sharing in IPB