IPB’s Diploma Program of Agriculture will be opened Lingga Regency

Bogor  Agricultural University (IPB) will develop a Study Program outside  Campus, that is,  Diploma Program One (D1) of Agriculture in Lingga Regency, Riau Islands. This ideas came up in the discussion of the action plan between IPB and Lingga Regency, in Darmaga Campus of IPB, Bogor, on Thursday (8/3). Present in the discussion were Director of IPB Diploma Program, Dr. Bagus P. Purwanto and Head of the Education Office of Lingga Regency, Kasiman.

IPB Diploma Program Director welcomed the desire of Lingga Regency to open Diploma One (D1), which focuses on the study of agriculture (especially rice fields). He informed that Lingga Regency should immediately prepare the related aspects of the D1 Program, including at 35 students, an educational space, i.e. a vocational high school, teachers who are ready to be tutors in agriculture, and agricultural facilities.

For financing, tuition fee per month is IDR1 million or IDR 12 million per year. This can be financed by the local government or a sponsor. "If all of these are ready, IPB will soon come to officially launch and start mentoring," said Dr. Bagus.

He added that D1 graduates can master the theoretical foundation and measurable skills. Another advantage for D1graduates is the certainty of employment, certified, gaining work experience, and the opportunity of getting scholarships. Lingga Regency will also get benefit, among others,  employees suited to the needs in terms of agriculture, a reduced cost of the job training, an increased motivation and loyalty of work, qualifications suited to the needs, and increased agricultural productivity.

Head of the Education Office of Lingga said that the Regency is ready to meet all of the requirements of D1 Program offered by IPB. "The students are already prepared to account for about a hundred people or three classes, agricultural land in the form of paddy field of about 200 hectares is available, there are 100 units of tractors for plowing, and there are three vocational high school of agriculture, including assistant teachers of agriculture," he told.

According to Kasiman, cooperation with IPB is to generate enthusiasm and give the motivation to be ready to build Lingga Regency as a leader. One way is to open a D1 program, with the hope that D1graduates will increase growth in the agricultural sector, especially rice in Lingga regency.

Present in this discussion were among others, Vice Dean of Resources, Cooperation and Development of Faculty of Agricultural Technology of IPB Prof. Dr. Slamet Budijanto; a lecturer of the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture of IPB, Dr. Suwarto; and from Lingga Regency Sri Rejeki of Planning, Research and Development Board of Lingga Regency. (Mtd)


Published Date : 10-Mar-2017

Subject : Dr. Bagus P. Purwanto ,

Keyword : IPB’s Diploma Program of Agriculture will be opened Lingga Regency