IPB Visited Thousands of Schools in the Event of IGTS 2017

Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) held IPB Goes to School (IGTS) 2017 to some areas in Indonesia, especially to the areas with the agricultural potential. In 2017, the team of IGTS of IPB went to 56 points, among others Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java and Bali. Not only that, Organisasi Mahasiswa Daerah / Regional Student Organization (Omda) of IPB also did the Roadshow to schools in the country. Not less than 3,000 schools were visited by Omda of IPB.

The series of IGTS 2017 were also enlivened by the presence of the ambassadors of IPB and the lecturers. “The involvement of Omda plays an important role to promote IPB toward the juniors,” said the Head of Legal, Promotion and Public Relations (HPH Bureau) of IPB, Ir. Yatri Indah Kusumastuti, M.Si.

She said, the activity of IGTS was an important thing to do to attract the students of SMA to get into IPB. Other than that, it was also in the effort to remind the gait of IPB in preparing the human resources in the field of agriculture.

Meanwhile, in the field, each Omda competed to provide the best. Various activities were held to attract the students of SMA, like the try out of Seleksi Bersama Masuk Perguruan Tinggi Negeri / Joint Selection of Entrance to State University (SBMPTN), the expo of IPB, to bring the alumni of IPB who had been successful. The series of IGTS were conducted in January and February, where Omda was in the mid of semester break.(dh)

Published Date : 10-Feb-2017

Subject : Ir. Yatri Indah Kusumastuti, M.Si

Keyword : IPB Visited Thousands of Schools in the Event of IGTS 2017