Esri Holds Workshop on ArcGIS Platform

Bogor  Agricultural University (IPB) in collaboration with Esri Indonesia organized an ArcGIS Platform Technical Workshop (14-15 / 12) in Pangrango Room of Environmental Research Center (PPLH) of IPB, Darmaga campus. It lasted two days with the same material but different participants. The first day of the workshop was opened by Head of Sub Directorate of Cooperation in the Directorate of Cooperation and International Program (KSPI), Dr. DVM. Fadjar Satrija, highlighting the great benefits of using ArcGIS spatial analysis software and the importance of the best use of license grants from Esri Indonesia. This two-day workshop material was presented by Manager of Esri Education, Regina Maria Hitoyo, covering installation ArcGIS 10.41, ArcGIS Online, WebApps, and Survei123 App, as well as ArcGIS Pro.

This workshop is a follow-up to the signing of the MoU between IPB and Esri Indonesia related to the Grant of ArcGIS Platform Software, as well as an action plan from the meeting of Socialization of Education Site License ArcGIS Platform of ESRI held on 11 November 2016 in the Meeting Room of the Academic Senate,  Andi Hakim Nasoetion Building, Darmag Campus of IPB. This grant needs to be disseminated to the academic community of IPB so that the present development of the software ArcGIS can be identified and applied properly.

This activity involved 48 participants from IPB and 2 participants from the Regional Development Planning Agency of Bogor. All participants are awarded certificates for their participation, and 48 IPB academicians have been given the user lisence of ArcGIS 10.41. Participants are also encouraged to become mentors in using ArcGIS in each work unit. Further, IPB’s academic communities are encouraged to utilize the grant of this license solely for improving IPB reputation in geospatial science as part of the implementation of the three major contributions of higher education or Tridarma Perguruan Tinggi. *** (Mtd)

Published Date : 03-Jan-2017

Subject : Dr. drh. Fadjar Satrija

Keyword : Esri Holds Workshop on ArcGIS Platform