The Possibility to Produce Acoustic Panel from Fast-Growing Timbers

Two techniques of noise control have been developed to address interior sound levels in a building or architectural acoustic absorption. Noise control or noise mitigation is a set of strategies to reduce noise pollution or to reduce the impact of that noise, whether outdoors or indoors. Sound absorption has more to do with the quality of the acoustic or sound in a room. Good sound absorber is obtained from a porous material which intermolecular friction produced when sound waves of hit the material.


The products that are proved to have good sound absorption and are widely used are synthetic fibres such as glasswool and rockwool. Unfortunately, those materials are hazardous to human health, especially as it can cause irritation and respiratory problems.


The team of researchers of the Department of Forest Products, Faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) have produced particle board from some fast-growing trees for acoustic panels. The team was consisted of Dr. Lina Karlinasari, Dr. Dede Hermawan, Dr. Akhiruddin Maddu and Good Martianto.


"In addition, the fast-growing timbers which are used as the source of acoustic panels also have other opportunities for other diversified products. Our research had utilized sengon (Albizia chinensis), African wood and Acacia mangium. In the end, they will provide added value for industrial forests (Hutan Tanaman Industri - HTI), Forest Plantation (Hutan Tanaman Rakyat - HTR), and social forests (Hutan Rakyat - HR), "said Dr. Lina.


The study revealed that density of particle board for wood wool is 0.8 g / cm3, it has a sound absorption coefficient (α) higher than the board density of 1.0 g / cm3 in the range of low and high frequencies. In the medium frequency, particle board of wood wool made of fast-growing timbers reflect the sounds. Board density of 1.0 g / cm3 has better ability to insulate sound than particle board wool density of 0.8 g / cm3.


Based on the study, the researchers concluded that the fast-growing timbers have the potential to be used as acoustic panels. They are good sound-absorbing panels as well as insulation panels, especially for high frequencies.


"With abundant resources and a short-time of harvesting the wood species can be used as an alternative material existing acoustic panels," he said. (Wied).



Published Date : 09-Feb-2015

Resource Person : Dr. Lina Karlinasari, Dr. Dede Hermawan, Dr. Akhiruddin Maddu dan Bagus Martianto.

Keyword : ipb