Ecodoe, Tapestry of Fleece that Produced

Hard work of Tatang Gunawan (22) and a beautiful fruitful team, were as beautiful as Ecodoe handcraft’s creation. What was Ecodoe? Ecodoe was the tapestry made from the original fleece and vetiver.


"Taking the name of Eco means the environment and Doe means the sheep. Taking the name is adapted, because this is related to the environment. Besides, because the first handcraft we make is the character of sheep," said Tatang, the student of the final level of Faculty of Mathematics and IPA (FMIPA), Bogor Agricultural University (IPB).


He explained that his idea was backgrounded by the concern toward the fleece which was wasted away. "Sheep population in Indonesia, which is high enough, results the waste of fleece much wasted in the ground and causes the land damage. This is because the fleece contains keratin. The second problem, i.e. the vetiver doll products produced in Garut, has less value added," explained Tatang.


Tatang claimed, their products could produce the turnover up to Rp 5 million per month. Tapestry Ecodoe, the student’s work of the winner of Gold for Poster and Silver for Presentation of Student Creativity Program (PKM)-K in National Student Science Week (PIMNAS) 2014, was sold freely with the prices of Rp 60 thousand for the type of West Java, Rp 100 thousand for the type of Superhero, and Rp 150 thousand for the type of graduation. (fy)


Published Date : 02-Feb-2015

Resource Person : Tatang Gunawan

Keyword : ipb