Oration of Spice Expert of IPB: Contribution of Science and Technology in Spice World

Prof Dr Sedarnawati Yasni, the spice expert of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) conducted the scientific oration to strengthen the degree of Professor that was successfully carried, Saturday (6/12), in the Auditorium Andi Hakim Nasoetion, Campus of IPB Dramaga. In the press conference ahead of the Scientific Oration, Prof. Sedarnawati presented the summary of her research titled “Kontribusi Ilmu dan Teknologi Pangan dalam Pembangunan Nasional: Suatu Tinjauan Pemanfaatan dan Pengembangan Produk Ekstraktif Rempah yang Mendukung Program Pembangunan Bidang Pangan dan Kesehatan / Contribution of Food Science and Technology in National Development: An Overview and Product Development of Spice Extractive Supported the Development Program of Food and Health ”.

“My research focuses on the spice and herbal plants especially turmeric and zingiber zerumbet, which I did since 1988 to 1993. The active component of turmeric plays the role in the process of fat metabolism, influencing toward the conditions of hipokolesterolemia and hipotrigliseridemia, the cholesterol metabolism in liver, effectively to treat the diarrhea, to prevent colon cancer and to improve the immune system. The essential oils contained in turmeric inhibits the fatty acid synthesis causing the cholesterol and triglycerides,” she explained.

According to her, from the history in the past the community had the  custom based on myths, which stated that the products of various spices in form of herbs. Recent development apparently was a custom to become a benefit because the understanding was rationally-empirically through various researches.

Some researches of Prof. Sedarnawati were related to spice exploiting i.e. the spices which could be used as the natural preservatives were Antarasa, Andalehat, Mobe and Sotul. Besides that, the hobbyst of sense, for example, was adding the anise to the soy products.

“From my research about the spice exploiting for antioxidants, we develop the health beverage composition of spice and its manufacturing process obtaining the patent of the number ID 0017450. This product is the mixture of 17 kinds of spices. The product is preferred by the consumers, because it is considered to be safe and high durable power, and the antioxidant activity of essential oils is higher if compared with the synthetic antioxidant of Butylated Hydroxytoluene,” she said.

In addition to that, the addition of turmeric kurkuminoid on Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) could withstand a liver damage. Exploiting the java chili extract could maintain a healthy body from the increase in blood pressure, the increase of fat composition and blood glucose level if consumed for a week. Utilization of the red bettel for people with diabetics was through the manufacture of health drinks. To this, the red bettel leaf water was mixed between the water extract of cinnamon, the water extract of ginger, and the sweeteener stevia. “Seeing the prospect of utilization and development, I believe that Indonesia will be capable of conducting the development through the focus of spice lane to explore the wealth owned,” she said.(zul)


Published Date : 11-Dec-2014

Resource Person : Prof Dr Sedarnawati Yasni

Keyword : ipb