Prof Drh Deni Noviana, PhD, DAiCVIM (cardiology)

Professor of Clinical Surgery and Radiology

Expertise : Diagnostic Imaging


  1. Development of making replicas and healing of heart wall infarction in swine with cardiac patches as a therapeutic model for humans 
  2. Diagnostic imaging modalities in supporting of the Kintamani dog as Indonesia's First Original Dog Breeds 
  3. Custom Made Bioceramic Implant as Bone Filling Material in Comminuted Fracture Case in Veterinary Practice
  4. Design and Development of Biodegradable Metals for Tempporary Ureteral Stent Applications 
  5. Innovations of the Newly Designed Glaucoma Implant Made of Polymethylmethacrylate
  6. Development of Novel Biodegradable Metals for Temporary Medical Implants and Tissue Engineering Scaffolds


  1. Most Cited Articles of Journal of Orthopedic Translation: The effect of hydrogen gas evolution of magnesium implant on the postimplantation mortality of rats (2016-2020)
  2. Runner Up Indonesian Researcher for Life Sience Category YARSI Researcher Award (2017) 
  3. De facto Specialist of Diplomate Asian College of Veterinary Internal Medicine - Cardiology (2017) 
  4. Best free communication in oral presentation of Asian Meeting of Animal Medicine Specialties - AMAMS (2017)
  5. 107 Most Prospective Indonesian Innovations in 2015 in Indonesia: Biomaterial Attacus atlas Linn Silk. As a Surgical Sewing Thread - Bussiness Innovation Center, LIPI, RI Minister of Research and Technology (2015)
  6. Tribute to Innovators and Authors 2015 - Dedication and Contribution in Generating Innovation (2015) 
  7. Materials Research Society of Indonesia Meeting Best Poster Awards: Radiodensity Study of Porous Tantalum Hydroxyapatite Coated Implant Material of Rat Animal Model (2014) 
  8. 106 Most Prospective Indonesian Innovations in 2014 in Indonesia: Iron-Bioceramic Metal Biomaterials for Body-Absorbed Biomedical Implants - Bussiness Innovation Center, LIPI, Menristek RI (2014)


Position / Active in Organization: 

  1. President of Indonesian Animal Hospital Association (2015-present)
  2. Representative Country Secretary of the Asian College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (2017-present) 
  3. Treasurer of South East Asia Veterinary School Association (2017-present)
  4. Member of International Veterinary Radiology Association (2010-present)
  5. Member of Indonesian Small Animal Practitioners Veterinary Association (2008-present) 
  6. Member of Indonesian Veterinary Medical Association (1998-present)
  7. The Indonesian Young Academy of Science (2017-present) 
  8. President of Region II West Java Chapter Indonesian Veterinary Medical Association (2010-2018) 
  9. Member of Indonesian Biomaterial Society (2013-present)