Prof Dr Ir Sudradjat, MS

Professor of Agronomy and Horticulture

Expertise : Plant Ecophysiology / Precision Agriculture / Palm Oil


  • 1. Co-Invenor PreciPalm: program for determining satellite fertilizer-based fertilizationrecommendations (Main inventor of Prof. Dr. Kudang B Seminar)
  • Determine the recommendations for location-specific Palm oil fertilization.
  • Build Jonggol Palm Oil Research and Education Plantation.



  • Satyalancana 20 and 30 years from the President of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • Award from the 2019 Legal Entity Academic Senate Council State Council.


Position / Active in Organization:

  • Deputy Chairperson of the Indonesian Civil Society (MAKSI) in 2015-2020
  • Secretary of the Academic Senate (SA) of IPB 2014-2019
  • Deputy Secretary of PTNBH Academic Senate Assembly 2016-2017
  • Secretary of PTNBH Academic Senate Assembly 2017-2018