Prof. Dr. Ir. Anas Dinurrohman Susila, M.Si.

Professor of Agronomy and Horticulture

Expertise : Crop Management / Plant Nutrition / Precision Fertigation


  • Hydroponic Technology Floating System (THST) is a hydroponic technology that is efficient in the useof electricity and the use of labor in its production management activities. So that the system has a highproduction efficiency, when compared to other hydroponic systems.
  • Fertigation through drip irrigation (Open Filed and Greenhouse) is a fertilization system that is carriedout in equations through drip irrigation, which can save production inputs (water, fertilizer, labor), improve quality and productivity, and be familiar with the environment. Fertigation through drip irrigation can be used for crop cultivation in the Open Field or in the Greenhouse and is part of the activities in precision farming
  • FERADS, Decision Support System for Fertilizing Recommendations (Application Program) is a software program that can quickly set recommendations for fertilizing N, P, K, and the addition of ameliorants (lime and organic fertilizer), based on soil analysis in vegetable cultivation. FERADS is a program that is needed in the process of implementing precision farming
  • VEGADS, Vegetable Crop Production Planning (Application Program) is software that can be used to load 30 different types of vegetable planting plans on demand every day, can also be used to view business feasibility based on product prices and component prices of production facilities. VEGADS in application is very helpful for Vegetable Production Manager in determining the schedule and planting area appropriately.

Position / Active in Organization

  • Head of Plant Production Division, Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, Faperta IPB University
  • Chair I, PERHORTI (Indonesian Horticultural Association)
  • Secretary General of PERHORTI
  • Head of University Farm IPB University
  • Coordinator of Agribusiness Development Station (ADS) -IPB University