Prof Dr I Komang Gede Wiryawan

Professor of Nutrition and Feed Technology

Expertise : Livestock Nutrition


  • The use of vegetable oils to increase the reproduction, production, and quality of ruminant   animal meat. 
  • Production of water hyacinth silage as ruminant animal feed.
  • Bacterial isolation and degradation of tannins, cyanides and crude fiber. 
  • Isolate lactic acid bacteria as probiotics in chickens.                                            


  • Indonesia's Most Prospective Innovations in 2019 from the Business Innovation Center (BIC) and the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education 
  • Tribute to Innovators and Authors from IPB University in 2015, 
  • A simple patent in 2018 concerning water hyacinth silage.



Position / Active in Organization: 

  • Chairman of the Indonesian Scientific Periodical Editor Association 
  • Vice President of the Council of Asian Science Editor 
  • Advisor of the Indonesian Animal Husbandry Scientists Association 
  • Member of the Bogor branch of the Animal Husbandry Scholar Board of Experts 
  • Chairperson of Commission A of the Senate of the Faculty of Animal Science, IPB University