Prof. Dr. M. Firdaus

Professor of Economics Development Study Program

Expertise : Economics


Horticulture Business Feasibility Information System (SIKUH) is a breakthrough in information systems that can be used to help businesspeople / farmers / extension workers in developing their horticulture business.

This system is an integration of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) or the commodity Cultivation (partially compiled from the SOP book produced by the Ministry of Agriculture) with economic analysis. With this system, users can simulate aspects of productivity, selling prices, prices and use of production inputs and costs per stage of SOPs.

Users will quickly find out the impact of the item changes on profit and break-even point (BEP) accurately. Users can also find out about each stage of the cultivation SOP from the selection of provided.

The Horticulture Business Feasibility Information System (SIKUH) software has obtained five copyrights from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia:

  1. SIKUH Gen-1 No. 05289
  2. SIKUH-KENTANG no. 064118
  3. SIKUH-CABAI no. 064119
  4. SIKUH-MELON no. 065129
  5. SIKUH-JERUK no. 065130


  1. KI and WIPO award from the Director General of Intellectual Property Rights awarded by the Vice President of Indonesia (2016)
  2. MIICEMA International Seminar, The Best Paper Award, Malaysia-Indonesia (2014)
  3. Bintang Sujana Utama from IPB University (2013)
  4. The Best Paper Award Journal of Indonesian Economics and Business (2012)
  5. The highest EPBM lecturer for general economic courses (2012)


  1. Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management of IPB
  2. WTO Agricultural Products Negotiation Expert Team
  3. Management of the Indonesian Economic Scholars Association (ISEI) Center
  4. UNIED Secretary
  5. Team of Policy Research Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia
  6. Deputy Chairperson of the Bogor Regency Wage Council
  7. Secretariat of the IPB University Tropical Fruit Study Center
  8. Guest Researcher at World Bank, Bank Indonesia, and Asian Development Bank