Prof. Dr. Dyah Iswantini Pradono, M.Sc.Agr

Professor of Chemistry Study Program

Expertise : Field of Development of Herbal Medicines and Biosensors


  1. Herbal medicine for anti-gout, anti-obesity and anti-hypertension which has high efficacy over other drugs in general.
  2. Herbal anti-obesity concoction can reduce weight up to 11.22% for 12 days (normal eating conditions). This product has received marketing authorization from BPOM and is produced by PT Indofarma Tbk under the name "Prolislim". The work mechanisms is by inhibiting the absorption of fat in the intestine.
  3. Herbal anti-hypertension concoction is also having great result. The herbal product has ability to reduce blood pressure faster. This product is the result of collaboration with PT. Indofarma Tbk, BPPT and Balittro.
  4. Anti-gout products have been produced by PT Biofarindo under the name "Nuric" and product development is being carried out in collaboration with PT BLST IPB.
  5. In addition to developing herbal medicines, it has found uric acid biosensor methods, alcohol and Indonesian microbial-based antioxidants.


  1. Produce 7 patents, 5 of it have been granted, namely:
    • Extract Formula of Apium Garveolens L. and Sida Rhombifolia as Fitopharmaca for Gout (Lead inventor)
    • Herbal Medicine Composition for Gout (Inventor Member)
    • Laxative Composition containing Standardized Extract from Kamandrah Seeds (Inventor Member)
    • Acid Gelugur Extract Formula and Rhizome of Kunci Pepet as Slimming agent (Inventor Chair)
    • Antihypertensive Herbal Medication Formula Based on Gotu Kola Extract (Lead Inventor)
  2. The Most Prospective Indonesian Innovation from the Indonesia Business Innovation Center, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education and the Indonesian Institute of Sciences / LIPI for the Health-Drug Category:
    • Antioxidant Nano biosensor Based on Indonesian Biodiversity (2015)
    • Anti-Hypertension Standard Herbal Medicine Indonesia (2015)
    • Healthy Joints with Celery (2013)
    • Goodbye Obesity (in 2011)
    • Hypertension Exterminator (in 2011)
    • Kamandrah as Living Larvicide Prevention of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (Year 2010)
    • The formula for Apium graveolens and Sida rhombifolia Lamk. as Anti Gout (in 2008)
  3. 1st Place of 2012 National Most Outstanding Lecturer
  4. Best Research from the Research and Technology-Kalbe Science Award in 2012
  5. Widyasilpawijana Science and Technology Award from the State Ministry of Research and Technology of Indonesia in 2011
  6. Extraordinary Intellectual Property Award by the Government of Indonesia represented by four Ministers (Minister of National Education, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Research and Technology and Minister of Law and Human Rights) in 2009


  1. Chair of the Chemistry Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, IPB
  2. Speaker at the Tropical Biopharmaceutical Study Center, LPPM IPB
  3. Assessor of Higher Education National Accreditation Agency (BAN PT)
  4. National research reviewers
  5. Reviewer of the Private Education Development Program from Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education