Medhanita Dewi Renanti, S.Kom, M.Kom

Vocational School Lecturer

Expertise : Software


Madsaz application that can translate crying babies aged 0-3 months. This application can translate 5 types of baby crying, namely hungry babies, tired or sleepy babies, babies want to belch, babies get colds or flatulence and uncomfortable babies (because the diapers are wet, the air is too hot or cold).


  1. The best presenter at the National Seminar "Application of Research Result Based on Populist Innovation and Technology", Bogor Science Club Postgraduate IPB University, 2013
  2. Best Graduates of IPB University, 2014
  3. One of seven Indonesian representatives in the GIST Tech-I Competition (Asia, Africa, Middle East and Turkey) one of seven representatives from Indonesia, 2013.
  4. Finalists of the West Java Innovation and Initiative Award, 2015
  5. National Seminar Best Presenter: Building Applied Research Synergy with Regional Development Needs and the Industrial World. Indonesian Vocational Higher Education Forum. 2018


  1. Member of the Association of Informatics and Computer Universities, 2013-present
  2. Secretary of the Information Management Study Program of Vocational School of IPB University, 2013-present