Database System Design to Support Fishery Management for Skipjack and Tuna in Natuna Waters

College student:
Gilar Budi Pratama

Fishery Resources Utilization

Prof. Dr. Ir Tri Wiji Nurani, MSi
- Dr Ir Ronny Irawan Wahju, MPhil

The landing of the fish caught at the small piers that are scattered along the Natuna coast will result in poor data recording of the catch. This will become a capture fisheries production data deviation in Natuna. One of the efforts of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries to obtain valid data on the number of catches landed at fishing ports is by launching a flagship program called “Satu Data” in 2016 which was a website-based fishery production data collection facility. This system has been implemented by several fishing ports, but has not yet been implemented in small-scale fish landing sites such as the ones in Natuna. Therefore, it is necessary to have a new system for data collection on fish catches at small docks so that it is easy to do and is integrated directly into the data collection center. So the purpose of this study is to build and implement a website-based fisheries database system that can be used to collect data on catches called the Nelayanku Heroku (NKHK) system.

The NKHK database system can be used to collect fish catches data effectively and efficiently, and to produce more accurate data. The NKHK system can simplify the process of integrating data on catches generated by small piers spread across Natuna and the Natuna Integrated Marine and Fisheries Center (SKPT). Accurate catch data and easy data integration are very important for the government as the basis for determining a targeted fisheries policy.

The NKHK system is a website-based catch data database system that is built with a clear and correct structure, so that the level of accuracy of the resulting data is higher than the conventional catch data collection system. In addition, the use of online databases will make it easier to integrate data and shorten the time for data collection and data collection from each dock in Natuna.

Published Date : 19-Nov-2020