Evaluation of Tereftalat Polyethylene Bottle Packaging (PET) for Electrolyte Beverage Product Heat Filling Process

Siti Nabila Triananda

Department :
Food Science and Technology

Prof Dr Ir Purwiyatno Hariyadi, MSi

The heat filling process is an effective method of filling products for high-flavored foods (pH < 4.6) such as electrolyte drinks. A commonly used packaging for hot filling products is polyethylene tereftalat (PET) bottles. The company studied previously used a bottle weighing 28 grams for the application of the heat filling process at a temperature of 90 degrees celsius. During the study, the company chose to use lighter bottle weights to reduce costs and reduce waste that pollutes the environment. The use of lighter bottle weight will affect its physical characteristics and heat resistance. Therefore, testing of the physical characteristics and heat resistance of bottles available for use in electrolyte drinks produced, then a new heat filling temperature determination is carried out that results in a product that is safe to consume with minimal bottle deformation.

Research in the form of internship activities managed to determine the hot filling temperature for products packaged on PET bottles with lighter bottle weight than before. The temperature-filling products produce chemical and microbiological characteristics that comply with the company's standards and the Standards of the Food and Drug Administration (BPOM), as well as meet the heat adequacy for target microbes. The implementation of the results of this study in the long term can reduce the costs incurred by the company and reduce pet bottle waste.

This research can be used as a reference by beverage manufacturers who will use the right PET bottle packaging for beverage products with hot filling process.

Published Date : 19-Nov-2020