OptIPB Sensor


  • Prof. Dr. Husin Alatas
  • Prof. Dr. Mamat Rahmat
  • Hasan Mayditia
  • Fabian Rinaldi, SSi


Mathematics and natural science


Optical sensors for real and continuous quality control of solutions


  • High accuracy, practical and easy to use 
  • Compatible to be integrated with computer devices 
  • Can be developed according to specific needs and goals 
  • Environmentally friendly because it does not require reagents or other intermediate chemicals • Manufactured domestically so as to facilitate after-sales service


  • OptIPB Sensors with photonic crystal platforms are optical sensors that are real-time and continuous, and have high sensitivity. 
  • OptIPB sensor does not use chemicals so that in its operation does not require other intermediates. Measurement results can be seen directly or transferred to a database for other purposes such as Statistical Process Control. 
  • OptIPB Sensor functions to measure the refractive index of the solution and refers to the reference solution capable of showing changes in turbidity, color, and others.

Published Date : 20-Feb-2020