Corporate Identity

Program Seed Industry Technology

Capacity 60-70 students


Education Goals

Generate experts medium that has a life of entrepreneurship in the procurement of quality seeds of the plant.



Have the skills to do penangkaran and post-harvest handling and quality testing in order to produce quality seeds and plant-oriented business.


Field Work

  1. Seed Industry Plant.
  2. Institutions Guarantor Quality Seeds, As BPSPTPH and Plant Quarantine.
  3. Crops Research Institute.
  4. Wirausaha / cultivatorsgenerally Seed Plants. 


Senior / MAN (IPA), SMK (Agriculture, Plantation, Forestry).


Had the expertise Features :

Plant Engineering Pemuliaan
Plant Protection
Technical Production Plant
Techniques for cultural Network
Pest and disease Seeds
Technical Testing Seeds
Seed Certification
Seed processing techniques