Corporate Identity

Program Production Planning and Control of Manufacturing / Services

Capacity 120-140 students


Education Goals

Preparing experts medium (supervisor) production planning and control in various types of industries that are forever Entrepreneur, and have the attitude and behavior (soft skills), which is required by the manufacturing and services.



  1. The ability perencanan include production planning and determination kapasistas production, production scheduling, provision of resources, inventory planning, maintenance facilities and production budget.
  2. The ability to control the production: the storage / penggudangan, quality control and handling of materials.
  3. The ability to design a production environment includes the layout of equipment and machinery production, and ways of working.

Field Work

As the supervisor of planning and controlling production in the manufacturing and service industries, such as: Industrial processing of food and feed; beverage industry; Industrial processing of agricultural products (agro-industry); Industrial Textiles; pharmaceutical industry; Trade; Hotel; Banking; Retail. .



Senior / MAN (Science, Social Science), SMK (Agriculture, Fisheries, Crops, Forestry, Animal Husbandry, Economics, Accounting, Information).


Had the expertise Features :

Production Planning
Production System
Production Control
Soft Skill
Financial Management
Quality Management
Total Productive Maintenance
Project Management
The automatic control system
Supply Chain Management