Corporate Identity

Program Management of Industrial Food and Nutrition Services

Capacity 120-140 students


Education Goals

Average yield of experts skilled in handling the technical production and distribution of information materials and skills comunication Ability to plan menus in the food service industry both restaurants, catering, Catering, catering and hospitals.



  1. Ability merencakan and oversees the procurement of materials manakan in the food service industry.
  2. Ability to prepare and serve food to consider aspects of nutrition, diet, and kulinari.

Field Work

Supervisor in the industrial / institutional food services (catering, restaurant, hospital nutrition installation):

  1. The procurement and storage of food, the production of food, the service and food distribution.
  2. Members Dining and Food Stylist.
  3. Assistant Nutrition Consultant. 


Senior / MAN (Science, Social Science), SMK (Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock, Chemical, Food, Nutrition, Health, Pharmacy)


Had the expertise Features :

Human Anatomy and Physiology
Nutrition and Disease
Decoration FOODS
Oriental Food
Continental food
Create Food and Diet
Food Safety
Food processing
Food Production Management