Corporate Identity

Program Food Quality Supervisor

Capacity 60-70 students


Education Goals

Preparing experts medium competent supervision activities of processing, quality control and food safety (including the analysis of the quality of physical, chemical and food microbiology) in the food industry for small scale, medium and large.



  1. Have the ability to monitor and check every stage of food processing to ensure product quality.
  2. Have the ability to plan and implement the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) to ensure security of food products.

Field Work

  1. Food and Food Industry.
  2. Food Wirausaha field. 


Senior / MAN (IPA), SMK (Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock, Chemistry, Pharmacy).


Had the expertise Features :

Food Processing Technology
Analysis Food Quality Chemicals
Fermentation Technology
Food Packaging Technology
Management of Food Industry
Organoleptic Analysis
Sanitation and hygiene