Corporate Identity

Program Environment Technique and Management

Capacity 180-210 students


Education Goals

Experts average yield management and technical environment to meet the needs of skilled workers who can perform management activities and monitoring environmental impact of various development activities in agriculture, forestry, fishery, animal husbandry, industry, mining, plantation, energy and so forth



  1. Have the ability to implement management activities and monitoring environmental impact.
  2. Have the ability to conduct environmental monitoring, EIA studies, environmental audits (environmental auditors).

Field Work

  1. Energy experts in the medium division environment.
  2. Labor implementing the environmental monitoring in the environmental industry of a company.
  3. Energy experts in the medium environmental consultant (EIA, Environmental Audit).
  4. Staff in implementing the Environmental Impact Control Agency (BAPEDAL).
  5. Installation Supervisor in the Waste Management (IPAL). 


Senior / MAN (IPA), SMK (Agriculture, Fisheries, Crops, Forestry, Animal Husbandry, Chemistry).


Had the expertise Features :

Instrumental Environment
Air Quality
Environmental toxicology
K3 Management System
Organic Agricultural