Corporate Identity

Program Agribusiness Management

Capacity 180-210 students


Education Goals

Produce entrepreneurs and first-line managers who are able to manage small-scale agribusiness and the middle.



  1. Have the ability to create and manage agribusiness independently (entrepreneurship).
  2. Have the ability to become general manager and functional in the first line in the field of production, finance, marketing, and personnel on a company's agribusiness 

Field Work

  1. Entrepreneurs agribusiness.
  2. General manager and functional lines of the first in the field of production, finance, marketing, and personnel in various agribusiness company.
  3. The staff of various institutions or agencies related to agribusiness, such as financial institutions (banks and non-bank), government agencies, research institutions, trading companies, and industry.


Senior / MAN (Science, Social Science), SMK (Agriculture, Fisheries, Crops, Forestry, Food, Nutrition, Economics, Accounting).


Had the expertise Features :

Industrial Sociology
Agricultural Business Management
Agriculture, Commerce
Production Management
Management Strategy
Production Quality Management
Business Planning
Agribusiness Financial Institutions
Business Feasibility Study