Corporate Identity

Major Programs for Undergraduate

Veterinary Medicine

Major Programs for Master/PhD

Parasitology and Medical Entomologi (s2&s3)

Veterinary Public Health (s2&s3)

Medical Microbiology (s2)

Magister Professional of Food Hygiene

Academic Staff

Professor & Phd (4), Phd (21), Masters (16), Bachelors (4)


The development of science and technology in the fields of veterinary microbiology, parasitology, immunology, epidemiology related to national public health is sues (food hygiene originating from animals, sanitation and zoonosis) for the interest of animal disease control, improvement the quality of animal health, environment and the community at large.

Center of Excellence

Capacity for developing specialist education programs (bachelor, professional veterinary doctor and graduate degrees) and continuing education, e.g. training Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) on controlling settlement’s pests, application of hACCP, training on aquatic animal health, training on veterinary epidemiology, laboratory diagnostics for veterinary doctors and paramedics, lecturer and technician apprenticeships for personnel from other higher education institutions.


Diagnostic laboratories for bacteria, viruses, fungi, worm parasities, protozoa and ectoparasites, Laboratory of veterinary health for safety and quality analysis of food originating from animal products (milk, meat and eggs), Laboratory for development and production of biomaterials, Testing laboratory for vaccines, antibiotics and parasite efficacy, Computer laboratory for data analysis of epidemiology, Production studio for audiovisual and multimedia materials.

Institutional Collaboration

Directorate of Veterinary health, directorate General of Animal science, Agricultural Quarantine department of Agriculture, Indonesia Institute of science (LIPI) in the context of regional science and technology, PT. Biofarma, University of Miyazaki, Japan.