Corporate Identity

Major Programs for Undergraduate

Veterinary Medicine

Major Programs for Master/PhD

Physiology and Pharmacology (S2&S3)

Animal Anatomy and Deveploment (S2)

Academic Staff

Professor & PhD (2), PhD(18), Masters(10), Bachelors(5)


To develop The Sciences of Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology for excellent understanding on biostructure, deveploment, function, mechanism, physiological responses and it modification.

Center of Excellence

The Department is consistently, conducting activities in its search for scientific development in the fields of anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and toxicology for the understanding of structure,development, fuction, mechanism, and response of systems in the body. Studies also cover engineering related to exploration of genetic resources, conginetal and non conginetal abnormalities due to enviromental pollution,degenerative diseases/abnormalities, biological engineering, lab animal model and its related experimentation, for the purposeof biomedical research, comparative physiogical studies in vertebrates and invertebrates, bioactivity and toxicity testing of natural products, development of extraction and purification techniques of natural products, and physiological exploration for the promotion of health and productivity in domestic animals,pet animals, and lab animals.


Animal Laboratory and surgery;Histology, Embryology and Tissue-Culture Laboratories; Cool-Storage, Medical Physology, Comparative Physiology, Toxicology and Pharmacology, Experimental Surgery Room, Dark Room, Genetic Engineering Techniques Laboratory, Folicule Cryopreservation, Follicule Culture, Cloning and Chymera Laboratory, Equipment for detecting active ingredients using the techniques of histochemistry and immunohistochemistry.

Institutional Collaboration

University of Ediburgh-Scotlandia, University of Putra Malaysia(UPM)-Malaysia, School of Medicine University of Indonesia-Jakarta, School of Dentistry-Pajajaran University-Bandung, School of Dentristry-Trisakti University-Jakarta, School of Veterinary Medicine-Syiah Kuala University-Banda Aceh, SeaWorld Indonesia Corp.-Jakarta,Praya Ekatama Semesta, Corp.-Jakarta.