Corporate Identity

Major for Undergraduate



Major for  Masters/PhD

Biophysics (S2)


Academic Staff

PhD(6), Masters (16)



The development of theoretical and applied physics, especially biophysics


Center of Excellence

The development of Biophysics with Material Biophysics, Instrumental Biophysics, and Phenomena and Molecular Biophysics. The Department of Physics has developed Theoretical Physics with a focus on Non-linear Science. Non Linear Science is comprised of various areas, Phenomena Physics in one program & in the other program: Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Plehtronics, up to Social and Economics.



Modern classrooms, seminar and discussion rooms, networked computer laboratory, microprocessor laboratory, internet connection, global information exchange facilities,  library, laboratories for basic physics, advanced physics, electronics, workshops (mechanics, wood and glass).


Institutional Collaboration

CISCO Networking Academy, PT. Honoris Industry, PT. Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk., Directorate of Middle and Vocational Education, Ministry of National Education, Center for Research and Development of Linguistics, National Agency of Atomic Power, Faculty of Tarbiyah-State Islamic University, Department of Physics, University of Indonesia.