Corporate Identity

Major Name / Major Code

Computer Science / G61



A - 030/BAN-PT/Ak-XV/S1/X/2012


Jabaran Learning Outcomes


Number of Lecturer

Doctor (8), Master (19)



Developing the computer science and its application in the field of information technology and communication (ICT).



Computer science of IPB encourages the collaboration of the computer science with other disciplines, particularly agricultural sciences and biosciences.



Lecture room, seminar and discussion, compute laboratory with the internet access, the internet access in the campus area, e-learning system, library, access to the electronic journal.


Institution Cooperation

Agricultural Research and Development, National Library, IBM, Microsoft, Saga University, Columbia University, Université Paris Diderot.


Competence of Graduate

Utilizing the information technology in the process of problem identification, data processing and information, and problem solving and decision making in accordance with the principles of science and engineering.


  • System analyst

  • System developer

  • Consultant

  • Programmer

  • System tester

  • Researcher

  • Teacher