Corporate Identity

Major Name / Major Code

Chemistry / G41



A - 211/SK/BAN-PT/Ak-XVI/S/X/2013


Jabaran Learning Outcomes


Number of Lecturer

Doctoral Professor (5), Doctor (16), Master (13), Undergraduate (3)



Developing the science and technology in the field of chemistry covering the understanding the character, the separation process, and the transformation of material for getting the added value of chemicals.



Producing the professional chemical graduates armed with enough for entering the working world and innovating in developing their careers so that they are able to create the self employment and able to cooperate and adapt, with high competitiveness, and commendable morals.



Department of Chemistry has the means and infrastructure for holding lectures and practicums consisting of: lecture room with integrated management controlled by IPB, seminar and discussion rooms, educational and research laboratories (Anorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and Physical Chemistgry), Joint Laboratory, computer, internet, and library.


Institution Cooperation


Competence of Graduate

Having the ability to apply, master, and develop the science and technology in the field of chemistry covering the chemical transformation of material, the separation process, and its characterization.