Corporate Identity

Major for Undergraduate


Major for Masters/PhD

Microbiology (S2&S3)

Plants Biology (S2&S3)

Animal Biosains (S2&S3)


Academic Staff

Professor & PhD (7), PhD(38), Masters (7)



The development of basic science and technology in biology as a basis of biodiversity and environmental management and development.


Center of Excellence

Core expertise in conducting in-depth studies on organism biodiversity; research on plant genetics and improvement, biotechnology related to isolation of bacteria, plants and animals as well as and plant and animal genomes application; research on plant genetics and improvement; prospects of medical uses of actinomycetes, and rhizobia for agricultural uses; technology for producing eaglewood compound. The department also prepares various products such as isolates from  mushroom and medicinal plant seed; equipment for conducting research on fungus; fungi and fungal-based products; mychorizal-plants, mycoprotein-based products; environmental bioremediation; microscopic preparation of animals and plants; plant tissue culture. Various training courses such as biology and cultivation of mushrooms can be accessed at the department. The Department of Biology has published a journal which has been accredited with an A grade, i.e. “Jurnal Biosains Hayati” .



Classrooms, seminar and discussion rooms, computer laboratory, internet connection, global information exchange, library.


Institutional Collaboration

Government of West Nusa Tenggara Province, Government of Bangka Regency, Government of Temanggung Regency, Government of Semarang Regency, STIPER Bangka. Generation of Challange Program (IRRI Philippines), Kyoto University Japan, PT. Semen Cibinong. Indonesia Jatropha Organization (IJO) Jakarta, NERC ESSEX University, LIPI Biologi Bogor.