Corporate Identity

Major Name / Major Code

Biochemistry / G81



B - 211/SK/BAN-PT/Ak-XVI/S/X/2013


Jabaran Learning Outcomes


Number of Lecturer

Doctoral Professor (1), Doctor (9), Master (9), Undergraduate (1)



Develop the basic science, the concept and the method in the field of biochemistry.



Pioneer of higher education program for biochemistry science in Indonesia producing the graduates who are able to connect and demonstrate the concept and method of biochemistry in solving the problems in the field of agriculture, bioindustry, health, and environment.



Lecture room which is supported by the infocus/LCD and OHP equipments. Moreover, it is also available the supporting interative CD, the department library, the session room, the laboratory for practicum need, trial animal stable, the glass house, the laboratory for research (metabolism, biomolecular, bioanalysis), the cold room for 24 hours, the computer laboratory which has been equipped with LAN, internet access.


Institution Cooperation

Various cooperations that have been done by this department cover the fields of education, research and community service amongst all: LIPI, Ministry of RISTEK (Molecular Biology Institution of Eijkman), Department of Agriculture (Research Center of Animal Husbandry, Research Center of Veterinary, Research Center of Plantation Biotechnology, Research Center for Medicine and Aromatic Plants, Research Center of Biotechnology and Agricultural Genetics Resource), LPPOM-MUI, private (PT. Indofarma, PT. Biofarma, PT. Takeda, Grup Tempo, PT. Bintang Tujuh), Department of Health (Nursing Academy and Midwife Service Academy) and also some Universities overseas amongst all Gifu University, Kagawa University and Ehime University including SUIJI (Six University Initiative Japan-Indonesia).


Competence of Graduate

  • Mastering the basic principle and the method of biochemistry and its application in the fields of health, agriculture, industry, and environment;

  • Having the high insight of science so that it is able to formulate and apply the basic concept of biochemistry through the laboratory research;

  • Finding out and understanding the principle and the procedure used in the analysis of biochemistry in the processes of metabolism and characterization of biomolecular;

  • Having the ability to make the scientific work and communicating well orally and in written;

  • Being able to solve the biochemistry problems through the comprehensive scientific approach for community;

  • Having the wish and awareness to follow the development of biochemistry science.


  • Various companies using the process of biochemistry or biological system (microb) in the production of raw materials coming from the nature (amongst all: MSG production and fermentation/processed milk).

  • Agribusiness company based on phytofarmaca.

  • Government institution (BPOM) and research institutions (amongst all: Research Center of Medicine and Aromatic Plants, Research Center for Biotechnology and Agricultural Genetics Resource, Central Research of Biotechnology-LIPI, Central Research of Knowledge and Technology, Molecular Biology Institution of Eijkman)

  • Educational institutions (university, senior and junior high schools levels).