Corporate Identity

Major Name / Major Code

Science of Nutrition / I11



A - 033/BAN-PT/Ak-IX/S2/I/2012


Jabaran Learning Outcomes


Number of Lecturer

Doctoral Professor (11), Doctor (12), Master (9)



Develop the human nutrition science and its application in the family and community which relate agriculture, food, nutrition and health in the attempt to improve the quality of human resource.



The only higher education of Science of Nutrition in Indonesia with 3 (three) educational levels (S1/S2/S3) which are reinforced with the teaching staff who are graduates from major universities in United States of America, Australia, Europe and Asia.



Comfortable lecture room is equipped with audio visual and internet network, library, clinical nutrition, chemical laboratory and nutrient analysis, biochemistry, nutritional physiology, experimental food, organoleptic, anthropometric, nutrition education, dietetic and culinary, and computer laboratory.


Institution Cooperation

Cooperation with various government and private institutions, national and international in research, community education and empowerment, among others: Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, BPOM, WFP, WHO, FAO, UNICEF, PLAN Indonesia, Danone Aqua, Sari Husada, Nutricia, NHF and other institutions.


Competence of Graduate

  • Being able to develop and modify the product and service of nutrition of individual, group and community and institution (including industry) with the promoted, preventive, curative and rehabilitative approaches through the analysis of nutrition and food problem systematically on the general condition and being able to adapt on the limited resource condition.
  • Mastering the basic theory of the science of nutrition, food, biomedical, pathophysiology, public health, statistics, socio-anthropology, economics, management, humanities and knowledge about service and authority nutritionist in the national health system and the national nutrition and food security system, and mastering the dietetic theoretical concept in depth to be able to formulate the problem solving of nutrition and food of individual, group, community and institution (including industry).
  • Being able to make the right decision in the development of food product and the management of nutritional service by using the method which has been standard and being able to interpret the biochemical and clinical examination; giving the alternative problem solving of nutrition and good within the scope of work; and being responsible for the work independently or in group, and having critical attitude, empathy on client and team working in internal level and external organization.


  • Planner of food and nutrition program in the government institutions (BAPEDA, BKP, Ministry of Health and so on)
  • Consultant in the fields of food, nutrition and health
  • Researcher in the fields of nutrition, food and health
  • Food industry in the product development section, the quality control and so on
  • Nutritionist in the hospital and the food industry
  • Teacher and educator.