Corporate Identity

Major Name / Major Code

Family and Consumer Sciences / I21



B - 017/BAN-PT/Ak-SURV/II/S2/III/2012


Jabaran Learning Outcomes


Number of Lecturer

Doctoral Professor (2), Doctor (8), Master (7)



Development of science and technology in the field of family and consumer to realize the family welfare by focusing on the development of child quality and the empowerment of family and consumer.



Being the only department in Indonesia that develops the family and consumer sciences, especially in relation to the family resource management to increase the welfare and quality of HR.



Comfortable lecture room is equipped with audio visual and internet network, reading room, free internet hotspot, family laboratory and child development, and educational laboratory and consumer protection.


Institution Cooperation

BKKBN (Family Endurance), Department of Social (Family Empowerment), National Education (Development of Character Education), Bappenas (Social Security and Poverty Allevation), Ministry of Women Empowerment (Gender), Private (Development of Character School) and LSM (Child Development and Family Empowerment).


Competence of Graduate

  • Able to master the concept and theory of family and consumer sciences, particularly in the field of the family science and the child development and the consumer science and the family economics, and able to seek the alternative formulation on the problem solving to increase the family welfare.
  • Able to make the exact decision in determining the alternative problem handling and able to give advocacy to the increase of family endurance, the increase of quality and child protection, and consumer empowerment.
  • Able to do the attempt to increase the family endurance, the increase of child quality, and the consumer empowerment independently and in group with full responsibility and able to be responsible in accord with the profession and its competence.


  • Consultant service industry in the field of the family, the child development and the empowerment of education woman, the manager/educator in the institution of early childhood education.
  • Academic and research powers, and handling the “customer service/complaint”
  • Manager of the family and the consumer empowerment programs and the child development in the LSM & the government institution.