Corporate Identity

Major for Undergraduate

Forest Management


Major for Masters/PhD

Forestry Science (S2&S3)


Academic Staff

Professor & PhD (5), PhD (18), Masters (10), Bachelors (4)



The development of science, technology and policy for planning, organizing, conducting and evaluating ecosystem-based forest maintenance and management.


Center of Excellence

Capable of applying the science of forest management including planing, use of GIS technology arrangement methods for product of natural forest at different ages,formation of forestry managing units, management of watershed areas, forest evaluation, scenario of ferest policies, application of environmentally friendly technology of harvesting forest product.



Modern classrooms equipped with audiovisual aids and internet connection, library, and various well-equipped laboratories (laboratory of forest planning, inventory of forest resources, forest biometrics, forestry “poleksos”, bioregion, harvesting engineering and analysis), forest mapping and surveillance equipment, model teaching forest in Gunung Walad and experimental forest in Darmaga.


Institutional Collaboration

Department of Forestry, NGO’s, International Research Institutes (ICRAF, CIFOR, etc.), Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta, District Government of Bogor, Other State Higher Institutions (University of Indonesia, Bandung Institute of Technology, Gadjah Mada University, Sumatera Utara University, etc.), Multi-parties Forum (FKKM), various Private Enterprises