Corporate Identity

Major for Undergraduate

Conservation of Forest resources and Ecotourism.

Major for Masters/Phd

Tropical Biodiversity Conservation (S2&S3)

Ecotourism and Environmental services Management (S2&S3)

Magister Professional on Biodiversity


Academic Staffs

Professor & Phd (5), Phd (13), Masters (17), Bachelors (2)



Development of science and technology for forest resources conservation, consisting of protection of lifesupport systems, preservation and utilization of wildlife and ecosystem, including ecotourism and environmental services.


Center of Excellence

Capable of managing conservation areas, domestication of wild animals, environmental analysis, interpretation and design of ecotourism, conservation for wild plants and animals. Trend setter in policy development on forest conservation, one of initiators for Conservation district development, determinator for plants and animals trade, urban forest and conservation education.



Classrooms equipped with audiovisual aids and internet connection, library and laboratories (Laboratory Ecology and Wildlife Management, Biodiversity of Plants Conservation, Urban Forest and Environmental services, Natural Recreation and Ecotourism, Conservation Areas Management). Natural Laboratories, for example : Walat Mountain Education Forest, and many national parks, Grand Park Forest, Natural Tourism Parks in Indonesia.


Institutional Collaboration

Department of Forestry, department of National Education, Department of Tourism, state Ministry for Environment, Indonesian Institute of science, Botanical Gardens, National and International Universities (Tsukuba University, Charles Darwin University, Soeul University, Gottingen University etc.), state Forest Company (Perum Perhutani), National and International NGo’s (WWF, Tropenbos, RARE etc.), British Petroleum, BRR, CIFOR, ICRAF, district and Provincial Governments in Indonesia (Kab. Malinau, kuningan, kapuas hulu, Pasir, Lampung Barat, Lebong, kerinci), sarana Wanajaya Fondation etc.