Corporate Identity

Major for Undergraduate

Living Aquatic Resources Management

Major for Master/PhD

Coastal and Marine Resources Management (S2&S3)

Aquatic Resources Management (S2&S3)

Academic Staff

Professor (3), Phd (21), Master of Science (16), Bachelors (1)


To encompass programs in management of sustainable fisheries, as well as conservation of aquatic ecosystem.

Center of Excellence

Able to plan, to perform and to evaluate: management and conservation of aquatic ecosystem, and management of fisheries resources.


Classrooms equipped with audiovisual aids and internet connection, library. There are three divisions in the department, i.e., Division of Aquatic Productivity and Environment, Division of Aquatic Resources Ecobiology and Division of Fishery Resources Management.

Institutional Collaboration

Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Indonesia Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Agency for Assessment and Aplication of Technology (BPPT), National Agency for Coordinating surveillance and Mapping (Bakorsurtanal), PDAM Bogor, PT. Pertamina, Research Agency for Coastal Aquaculture (BALIDITA), Research Agency for Marine Fisheries (BALITKANLUT), Research Agency for Fresh Water Fisheries (BALITKANWAR), Department of Forestry, BAPEDAL, Local Government of Bogor, Provincial Government of Banten, JsPs-Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, DANIDA, University of Aarhus (Denmark).