Corporate Identity

Major for Undergraduate

Fishing Management and Technology

Major for Masters/PhD

Fishing Technology (S2&S3)

Fishing System and Modelling (S2)

Academic Staff

Professor & PhD (4), PhD (16), Masters (13), Bachelors (4)


The development of science and technology of sustainable and environmentally-friendly catch-fisheries, covering fish-catching tools, technology for fishing resources exploitation, fishing vessels and transportation, policy on catch-fisheries, management of catch-fisheries as well as management of fishing ports.

Center of Excellence

Capacity to apply the science and technology of sustainable and environmentally-friendly catch-fishing in research and public services areas.


Modern classrooms equipped with audiovisual aids and internet connection, library, and a range of well equipped laboratories such as Fishing Laboratory of Fish-Catching Technology, Laboratory of Fish Catching Tools Technology, Fishing Vessel and Navigation, System and Optimization of Catch-Fisheries, Fishing ports.

Institutional Collaboration

Department of Marine Science and Fisheries, Provincial Agencies of Fisheries and Marine Science, Fisheries and Marine Science Departments in Higher Education Institutions.