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Major for Undergraduate

Aquatic Product Technology

Major for Masters/PhD

Aquatic Product Technology

Academic Staff

PhD (8), Masters (13), Bachelors (3)


The development of science and technology focusing on processing aquatic biological resources into primary products.

Center of Excellence

Focusing on science and technology development on processing aquatic biological resources where those resources are unlimited and remained unexplored. The development of science and technology covers applied and advanced technology (including biotechnology) to fulfill global trend and demand.


Modern comfortable classrooms equipped with audiovisual aids and internet connection, library, and various laboratories with good facilities. The students enrolled at the Department are eligible for training and field study at various industries that are partners of THP, student exchange and sandwich with various overseas University that are partners of THP. In addition, the Department owns production unit that can be used as entrepreneurship training & development of  the department’s members.

Institutional Collaboration

Directorate of Higher Education, Ministry of National Ed ucation via competitive grant such as Penelitian Dasar, Hibah Bersaing, Hibah Tim Pasca Sarjana, Ministry of Research and Technology via competitive grants covering RUT, RUK, RUTI and Prgram Riset Dasar, Minstry of Fisheries and Marine Affairs including education, research and community development. Implementation and commercialization of technology and products developed by the Departement are done by CV. DINAR, PT. Araminta Sidhakarya and CV. Tehape Jaya Mandiri. Internationally, the Department collaborate with various countries such as USA for research on marine drug discovery, Japan for education and research, Jerman for education, research and business development, Taiwan for research and education.