Corporate Identity

Major for Undergraduate

Technology and Management of Aquaculture

Mayor for Masters/PhD

Aquatic Science (S2&S3)

Academic Staff

Professor & PhD (5), PhD (14), Masters (9), sarjana (2)


Developing in the science and application of technology and management practices of environmentally sustainable aquaculture activities including freshwater, brackishwater and marine cultures which consists of fish, aquatic plants and other aquatic organisms.

Center of Excellence

Capable of applying the knowledge in aquaculture sci ence, technology and management for improving the human welfare. Sarjana, Master and Doctoral  degree programs have been accredited A, B and excellent, re spectively. Competent lecturers are recognized by other government as well as private institutions.


Convenient and air-conditioned classrooms are available, a department library equipped with internet connection, well-equipped laboratories, including Lab. of Production Technology and Management of Aquacultures, Lab. of Genetics and Reproduction of Aquatic Organisms, Lab. of Fish Nutrition, Lab. of Fish Health, Lab. of Aquaculture Environment and a Teaching Farm facility for ornamental and freshwater fish production, Field Station in Darmaga Campus.

Institutional Collaboration

Japan International Cooperation Agency, Japan Soci ety for Promoting Science, PMO-SCAP and Creata IPB, Minis try of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (Directorate General of Aquaculture, Directorate General of Coastal and Small Islands, Agency for Development of Brackishwater Culture in Jepara and Situbondo, Agency for Research in Marine Culture, Agency of Quarantine), Aquaculture En terprises in all Regions of Indonesia, Directorate General of Higher Education, Provincial and District Government in Indonesia, Provincial and District Agency of Fisheries, German Technical Cooperation Germany, FAO.